Best Scanners of 2017

Welcome to Scanner Superstore’s guide to the very best document scanners of 2017. We only include the best scanners in this list, so you can be sure you are always getting the very best advice.

The Scanner Superstore team has decades of experience in the document scanning and document management industry. This page is designed to provide you with all the key information you need so you can choose the best document scanner for you and your business.

Whether you are looking for a cheap portable scanner for your home office, a networked scanner to use in your office departments, or even a scanning bureau which specialises in batch document scanning in huge numbers this guide will help you to choose.

We have split our recommendations into 5 categories:

  • Portable
  • Desktop
  • Network
  • Production
  • Photo

For each category we will recommend the top scanner for each of the brands (where available) which we provide, these brands include: Brother, Canon, Epson, Fujitsu and Kodak.

Take a look at our recommendations and we guarantee you’ll find the best scanner for you…


Best Portable Scanners of 2017

Brother DS-720D Mobile Scanner
Canon P-208II Scanner
Epson DS-360W Scanner
Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 Scanner

Brother DS-720D

The Brother DS-720D allows the scanning of double sided documents at just the touch of a button. Perfect for scanning material on the move this document is ideal for anyone who is frequently out of the office or away from their desk. Capable of scanning a anything from ID cards, business cards, receipts and A4 documents this little scanner can help digitise your documents and store your documents securely and keep them safe from damage, loss and theft.

Canon ImageFORMULA P-208II

The Canon P-208II is the second generation of Canon portable scanners. This small scanner doesn’t let it’s size hold it down as it allows the user to feed 10 documents simultaneously and can individually scan a single page in just 10 seconds. Allowing the user to load a number of documents to set up and scan this scanner is ideal for scanning small multi-document pages like contracts. Also powered directly via USB, it helps you maintain a high work rate anywhere in the home or on the road.

Epson WorkForce DS-360W

The Epson Workforce DS-360W is a wireless scanner which allows the user to scan double sided documents at speeds of up to 25 pages per minute! This scanner is capable of scanning a batch of 20 documents in under 1 minute and coupled with Epson DocumentScan free software this scanner can be coupled with any android or apple tablet or phone to allow wireless scanning. This small but powerful scanner is perfect for anyone looking to scan documents to email back to the office or upload into a cloud system.

Fujitsu ScanSnap IX100

At just 400g the ScanSnap IX100 is one of the lightest portable scanners on the market. The IX100 also allows wireless scanning using it’s in-built WiFi, compatible with any IOS or Android. This amazing scanner even allows the scanning of A3 documents using the ScanSnap carrier sheets! The iX100 can automatically realign skewed documents and also features automatic size detection making scanning batches of different sized documents possible.

Best Desktop Scanners of 2017

Brother ADS-2100e Scanner
Canon DR-F120 Scanner
Epson Workforce DS-530 Scanner
Fujitsu fi-7140 Scanner
Kodak i2620 Scanner

Brother ADS-2100e

The Brother ADS-2100e is a small desktop scanner aimed at users for lower volume scanning and generic office use. Although it may be slower than some of it’s competitors it makes up for this in its scanning image quality and low price. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux it is a versatile scanner which can be implemented to any solution or system. Although it is a desktop scanner it’s folding document feeder and collapsible collection tray makes this scanner a very compact package, taking up very little desk space.

Canon IMAGEformula DR-F120

The Canon DR-F120 has one specific feature which helps it stand out from it’s competitors, the flatbed. The benefits of having a flatbed include being able to scan passports, books and other thicker material which could not normally pass through a scanner. This coupled with the automatic document feeder means there is not much the F120 cannot scan. The F120 is also able to scan documents A4 width up to 1 meter long, perfect for large graphs, drawings and cardiograms.

Epson WorkForce DS-530

The Epson DS-530 is the 3rd generation of desktop scanners, succeeding the DS-520 and DS-510 meaning there have been many improvements to the range over the years. Reliability has increased and the DS-530 offers impressive speed for it’s price. At 35 pages per minute which it can scan duplex meaning you get an impressive speed of 70 images per minute through this compact package. The DS-530 also comes with a few useful add-ons, a network adapter and a flatbed conversion kit.

Fujitsu fi-7140

The Fujitsu fi-7140 is the bread and butter of Fujitsu’s scanning range. As a major player in the scanning industry with a lot of experience and previous models sold, the fi-7140 is one of the most reliable scanners on the market. With a generous 80 page feeder this scanner is perfect for those with medium sized batches. The fi-7140 also has a wide range of tolerance for paper thickness and can reliably scan 27-413 gsm paper, from tracing paper to thick paper cards all the way up to A4 size, there is not much this scanner can’t do.

Kodak i2620

The Kodak i2620 is a medium volume, high speed A4 desktop scanner. Capable of speed of 60 pages per minute and scanning batches of 100 without stopping this scanner is a powerful package. This scanner has a multipage detection available through its TWAIN driver which eliminates missing documents from your final scanned images. The scanning software provided also allows barcode and text OCR meaning documents can be named, sorted and exported appropriately, reducing the need for manual processes and eliminating human error.

Best Network Scanners of 2017

Brother ADS-2400N Scanner
Canon ScanFront 400 Scanner
Epson WorkForce DS-70000N Scanner
Fujitsu N7100 Scanner

Brother ADS-2400N

The Brother ADS-2400N is perfect for general office use, it’s compatible with both Android and IOS devices and using the free Brother scanning app you can export documents to cloud systems and common applications such as Outlook, Dropbox and Google Drive. The touchscreen on the scanner allows multiple scanning profiles to be set up for each document types and to export to different locations and programs. With a generous manufacturer recommended daily limit of 3000 pages, this scanner fits well into small-medium businesses.

Canon Scanfront 400

The Canon Scanfront 400 boasts an impressive large 10 inch touchscreen making it very easy to use with its easy to use and setup scan profiles. The scanning profiles allow the user to set the paper size, colour detection and to even change the sharpness of the image to allow true customisation of how you want the document scanner to work. Compact but productive this scanner takes up minimal desk space and allows scanning speeds of up to 45 pages per minute and is renown for its reliability.

Epson Workforce DS-70000N

The Epson DS-70000N is the the highest end model Epson has to offer. With a combination of the A3 flatbed for large material combined with the A3 automatic document feeder this scanner is ideal to be used in large office departments. With its network adapter on the front of the scanner it allows the user to change the destination of the document and to also scan using preset scan profiles. Achieving speeds of 70 pages per minute and a document feeder capable of hosting 200 A3 pages this scanner is a very versatile machine.

Fujtisu N7100

With the functionality of many devices, yet the simplicity of one, the N7100 network scanner contains the qualities organisations of all sizes desire to improve business processes. It’s large size screen with contains an on-screen keyboard along with other PC functions this compact network scanner comes equipped. N7100 offers administration functions that allow you to individually or collectively setup and manage a vast network of N7100 units with ease from a single console, this makes the scanner ideal for use within the whole business to streamline the scanning process and save time.

Best Production Scanners of 2017

Canon DR-G1100 Scanner

Canon DR-G1100

The Canon DR-G1100 is renown for its reliability, this scanner can easily scan a couple million pages with minimum feeding problems and no major faults. Along with yearly checks and daily cleaning this scanner can scan batches of 500 and has a daily duty cycle of 25,000 sheets. The Canon G1100 is able to scan at speeds of 100 pages per minute and is perfect for batch scanning of large files, it is also capable of duplex and colour scanning.

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