Scan to SIMS

Scan to SIMS

Brother has created a new scanning solution for the education sector. Direct Scan Solution is for users of Capita SIMS software. Improve your efficiency in storing school records digitally with quicker scanning, fewer errors and easier document search. All made easy with the Brother ADS-2600W scanner and an advanced piece of software that acts as your personal digital filing assistant.

Quick and easy:

Storing school records as easily accessible digital files instead of hard copies makes it easier to find the information you need. But creating those files manually takes time and can still lead to mistakes.

Scanning, uploading, renaming, saving, filing, at every step, there’s the potential to mislay or miss out vital information altogether. Especially when you have to repeat the whole process again and again for every member of your class or year group.

The answer? Brother’s Direct Scan Solution. Streamline the whole process and turn what can take hours into a job that takes only minutes.

Easy Setup:

Brother’s Direct Scan software is a server-based system. That means it’s installed straight onto your school’s main server and can be easily accessed by staff with a SIMS log in ID from any computer on your school network.

Simple Solution:

At the centre of the Brother’s Direct Scan Solutions are the Brother ADS-2600W scanner and an advanced piece of software that acts as your personal digital filing assistant. You specify what records you want to create for which pupils.

Brother’s Direct Scan Software sets up all the necessary folders, then tells you when to scan each piece of paperwork on the scanner control screen. Everything else is completely automatic.

Your documents are named, uploaded and allocated to the correct pupil in the right place on the SIMS directory, complete with an audit trail detailing when each one was created and who by.

Brothers Direct Scan Solution at a glance:

  • Improve efficiency with quicker scanning, fewer errors and easier document search
  • Reduce the time staff spend on administrative paperwork, allowing them to concentrate on other more important tasks
  • Easier to comply with national pupil safeguarding and data protection laws
  • Increase available space by reducing the need for filing cabinets in schools and classrooms
  • Protect school records from theft, water and fire damage
  • Drive down school carbon footprint with paperless filing.

Search Documents:

All the scanned documents that have been put into SIMS are now searchable, therefore it’s easier to find any document, in any record without having to manually look through each record individually.

Export/Import Documents:

When a pupil leaves a school, all of their details in SIMS can be exported and then sent to the receiving school in a secure encrypted file. Then, if both the sending and the receiving schools are using Brother’s Direct Scan Desk Solution Software the files can be exchanged securely and uploaded automatically, removing the needs for any manual filing processes.

Brother’s Direct Scan Software:

A clever piece of software to connect to the scanner directly with SIMS

  • Service based software – use from any PC in your school network
  • Easy access using existing SIMS login details
  • Simple, menu-based task selection
  • Add new tasks and folders to SIMS directory (eg, ‘French Easter Trip Consent Forms)
  • Save records to pupils, classes, subjects or entire year groups
  • Secure ticket number for each task protects pupil information for safeguarding
  • Advanced student records search function for quick, easy retrieval of information


  • Direct Scan for SIMS from Brother makes uploading records to the system quick, easy and reliable thanks to the user-friendly ‘personal filing assistant’ interface
  • Touchscreen control works alongside desktop application to automate as much of the upload process as possible, allowing well-organised digital records with minimal time commitment
  • Children’s records are now quicker and easier to view, reference and access, as well as more secure


  • Digital documentation – keeps all children’s records in one safe and easy-to-find location
  • Compact and flexibledesktop scanner sits conveniently on a desk and can be used by multiple people
  • Streamlined scan to SIMS Interface – makes uploading documents quick and simple with minimised potential for user errors

Ideal for scanning:

  • Consent forms
  • Holiday requests
  • Letters
  • Medial notes
  • SEN statements and reviews
  • Attendance records


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