Brother’s Direct Scan Solution for users of Capita SIMS Software

Streamlining the process of scanning documents into SIMS.

A new scanning solution for the education sector provided by Scanner Superstore working alongside Brother.

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Scanning and storing all made easy

The Brother ADS-3600W document scanner makes scanning and storing an easy process with advanced software to assist your school or academy in improving efficiency in storing school documents, student records and paperwork with faster scanning, fewer errors and a simple document search feature.

No mistakes and easy to track.

Your student documents are named, uploaded and allocated to the correct student in the right place on the Capita SIMS directory, complete with an audit trail detailing when each one was created and which member of staff. This cuts the risk of user error and will help keep track of your student files and documents ensuring they are in the correct locations and do not get lost.

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Brother’s Direct Scan Solution at a glance

  • Improve efficiency with faster scanning, less errors and easier document searching
  • Reduce the time staff spend on administrative paperwork, allowing them to concentrate on other more important tasks
  • Easier to comply with national student safeguarding and data protection laws
  • Increase available space by reducing the need for filing cabinets in schools and classrooms
  • Protect school and academy records from theft, loss, water and fire damage
  • Bring down school or academy carbon footprint with paperless filing

Two additional areas of student record document management

Search Student Documents

All your scanned documents that have been put into Capita SIMs are now searchable so it’s easy to find any student document, in any record, without having to manually look through each record individually.

Export/Import Student Documents

When a student leaves a school or academy, all of their details and student documents in Capita SIMS can be exported and then sent to the receiving school or academy in a secure encrypted file. Then, if both the sending and the receiving schools or academies are using Brother’s Direct Scan Desktop Solution Software the students files can be exchanged securely and uploaded automatically, removing the need for any manual filing processes.

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