Document Management Software

With the world becoming increasingly digital its becoming essential for organisations to convert physical documents into digital storage alternatives. Document management software provides much greater efficiency, strong security and modernises your organisations workflow.

With a document management system you can bring your organisation into the digital age as well as adding value and improving efficiency within your organisation. The document management software we provide, File Director, Kodak Capture Pro, Kofax VRS Elite and Greenstore have helped many  organisations take advantage of the digital revolution. Here at Scanner Superstore we will find the perfect document management system for your organisation as well as help install and maintain your software so you can have piece of mind over your organisations documents. Let our experts handle the technical side so that you can focus on running your business.

Contact us on 01785 785 655 or speak to one of our live chat experts for advice, we can set up a short 15 minute web demo for a free personalised demonstration of what a document management system could do for you. For more information on each document management system we’ve provided a short description below.

FileDirector Cloud

FileDirector Cloud is a powerful, cost effective and easy to use document storage solution for enterprise clients, small businesses or workgroups where there are critical business processes. It is an offsite service which means the user does not have to worry about the upkeep of servers or systems. FileDirector Cloud helps to reduce IT operational costs by outsourcing and maintaining hardware and software. This allows your business to reduce costs and become more efficient. All updates to FileDirector Cloud can be easily done through remote maintenance. Therefore further decreasing costs as there’s no onsite maintenance. For more information of FileDirector Cloud document management software, click here.

Capture Pro Software

Capture Pro simplifies scanning by automating indexing and maximising connectivity. Users can automate their paper intensive business applications by transforming paper documents into critical business data. Quickly and easily converting batches of paper into high-quality images. KODAK Capture Pro Software meets a user’s batch capture needs with a complete high-to-low volume batch capture software application. Offering robust data extraction and delivery to repository and business applications. Capture Pro is a versatile scanning application which meets the centralised or distributed scanning needs. For more information on Kodak Capture Pro document management software, click here.


GreenStore provides a better way to manage documents in the business. Using this technology, documents are electronically stored, indexed and can be accessed by workers across the organisation. Permissions for access and editing of certain documents can be easily configured. Therefore GreenStore can be tailored for the business needs. Eliminating paper, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, GreenStore gives users an edge in innovation. Working in conjunction with GreenBox and GreenForm, the life cycle of a document is controlled and managed effectively across its life cycle. Any type of document can be stored with GreenStore, from invoice and orders to contracts. This innovative document management system is safe, secure and powerful. For more information on GreenStore document management system click here.


GreenForm is a software solution which allows the user to eliminate paper in the office by creating digital forms and automatically import information to them. This means that stationary costs and use of costly storage facilities are reduced, as well as the carbon footprint. Efficiency within the organisation can be massively improved, thanks to GreenForms ability to automatically import information into multiple forms, which can be electronically shared with multiple employees. GreenForm can be tailored exactly to a business, by creating custom forms that get the information a user needs. Used in conjunction with GreenBox, this software can capture the most advanced forms of data. ID photographs and digital signatures can be automatically embedded. Fingerprints can be captured for biometic identification, ensuring the security of your transactions and the customers information. For more information on GreenForm document management system click here.

Kofax VRS Elite

Kofax VRS Elite is Kofax’s patented image enhancement and perfection software. It reduces the time involved in manual document preparation and enhances the quality of scanning images and documents. Dramatically improving  both manual scanning productivity and the efficiency of document capture processes. High quality scanned images and documents are critical as they can significantly impact the success of downstream data extraction and information retrieval. Kofax VRS Elite software is available in 3 different versions, Desktop, Workgroup and Production. Depending on the scanner a different version of the software may be required. For more information on Kofak VRS document management system click here.

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